THE DOVE'S NEST RESTAURANT COOKBOOK Grand Prize Winner for best self published book in America

THE DOVE'S NEST RESTAURANT COOKBOOK Grand Prize Winner for best self published book in America
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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Me and Deb Dusenberry at Royer's
I took my mom to Round Top. It was her first time and she had a ball. Of course we ate dinner each night at Royers Round Top Cafe, and the second night Bud put us at his community table with Curious Sofa's Deb Dusenberry, and her junkin gal pal , Sandee. We all had such fun sitting around Royers big table talking shop. My favorite rep from One Coast Dallas market, Ed Greer, and his darlin wife Katy, was also with us. I told Debbie my girls back at The Doves Nest would never believe I got to have dinner with she wrote each of them a personal note on the back of her Curious Sofa business cards, and then Ed took this picture of us. For all you Curious Sofa "groupies", Miss Deb is just like she reads....full of curiosity, creativity and charm.
Everyone has been postings their Round Top experiences, since the Spring show ended a couple of weeks ago. For me, and many others I have talked to, the show was a huge success. I found GREAT things and have already sold quite a few of the pieces I bought for the store. I mostly found good shabby pieces to add to our cottage look we have going these days. Our friend, known as RUGMAN, who sets up in Warrenton, had his best show EVER...and he has been coming to Round Top for over 10 years. He sold antique oushaks to some of the top designers in the country, including Rachel Ashwell. He was really nervous flying in from Istanbul, with over $300,000 worth of rugs in his inventory but as I told him we are NOT feeling this so called recession down here in Texas. Last year was our best year EVER and we are right on target to repeat it this year. Our Waxahachie realtor's say the housing market is still good, our local car dealers are selling new SUV's everyday, and our customers are buying and dining just as they always are. If other parts of the country are feeling a crunch, we are thankful and blessed it hasn't trickled down yet.